In our experience many challenges faced by organisations are the result of a misalignment between their vision/strategy, organisational design and culture/values

Koru Services

We work in partnership with our clients to improve their organisational performance, helping them fully understand the organisational challenges they face and supporting the development and implementation of solutions.

Our clients come in all sizes and stages of evolution from start-up to sale and we work with them on scenarios including:

Growing dynamic entrepreneurial start-up to SME

A lack of systems and structure along with management distracted from growth activity by administrative functions. Koru help clarify direction and objectives, redesign organisational structure and processes, and realign culture.

Organisational stagnation

Lack of motivation, firefighting, lack of growth and key staff quitting. Koru perform organisational analysis and facilitate a review of organisational mission, vision, structure, processes and culture. We run role analysis sessions, process improvement workshops and values review leading to improved culture, staff retention and dynamism.

Company sale

Demonstrate growth potential alongside effective structure and systems for due diligence and keep staff positive and motivated about the transition. Koru clarifies owners’ aspirations, prepares a transition plan including staff communications program and supports implementation during sale and post-sale integration.

How Koru can help you?

We work with our clients in a number of ways to address their challenges:

Consulting including alignment checks between organisation’s vision/strategy, culture/values and design along with the design and implementation of change programmes.

Training including Leadership in Complex Times and bespoke courses

Coaching and mentoring for individuals and groups.

Depending on client preferences we can either manage these services or facilitate their execution to support the development of in-house capability.

Facilitation can range from hosting meetings to coaching individuals or groups, supporting in the achievement of their objectives.