Driving huskies, or herding cats?

Instagram’s thirteen employees created 27 million users and a $1Bn valuation at acquisition within 15 months.

Paypal’s thirty employees created 13 million customers and a $1.5Bn valuation at acquisition, beating Billpoint, a joint venture between eBay and Wells Fargo.

Both companies prevailed against larger, better-resourced competition – but they succeeded through focus – laser-sharp alignment of their teams. Having great technology – and great people – is insufficient. Team alignment is the difference which makes the difference.

Does your team seem to be working flat out, but still not getting very far? Do discussions about what to do go around in circles, without ever being resolved? Or worse – are there no discussions at all?

If so then this short, two-step programme will help. It’s aimed at helping CEOs and senior managers of tech startups and scaleups to develop the skills to bring clarity and focus to their organisations – driving huskies, not herding cats.

If you would like to know more or to register for the programme, please follow this link.

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