The power of our unconscious

Most of us have probably heard something about the power of our unconscious and wondered if there was any truth to it – and whether we could benefit from it.


It is generally accepted that we are unaware of the majority of the activity in our minds including much of our emotional world and our autonomic nervous system which influences the function of internal organs.


Recent research lead by the University of Cambridge has shown that those with greater access to their unconscious are more effective. The study found that the more aware financial traders were of their “gut feeling” (measured in terms of heart rate) the more successful they were.


And the good news is that we can all benefit from the power of our unconscious with the help of techniques such as mindfulness, coaching and psychotherapy.


These techniques have evolved out of various areas of study including psychology and Eastern practices and each provide different approaches to increasing self-awareness and mastery of our own minds.


None of them have all of the answers but they can all play a part increasing our effectiveness and satisfaction with our lives.


Have you had experience of any of these techniques or are you planning to do so? If you have any thoughts or comments, please share below or send me a LinkedIn connection request.

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